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So Merlin is a brand new muse and it is inevitable that I am going to screw up a few times! Let me know here if I go too off course, or if you have any tips, or want to ask questions.

Obviously all these things can also be said over AIM or Plurk or whatever, but here anon is turned on and comments are screened in case you want privacy.
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TRIGGERS. Nothing major, he will get very upset if his friends are in danger.
MEDICAL INFO. Nothing here either
MENTAL INFO. Or here, though he is going to be very confused/upset about his lack of magic
PHYSICAL CONTACT. Yep, might be awkward if he doesn't know you but physical contact is cool
ROMANCE/SEXUAL RELATIONS. Flirting and stuff is fine and he will reciprocate like a derp (and you might have to let me know if he seems to be ignoring flirting). Probably wouldn't go any further then that though
INJURE/KILL. Yep! He can swing a sword though he is no warrior, and without his magic he's a bit of a sitting duck
ANYTHING ELSE. He is end of series 4 so let me know if you want to avoid spoilers, and as usual if anything I've mentioned is something you want to avoid let me know.

Rakuen app

May. 18th, 2012 01:36 pm
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Name: Katy
Journal: [personal profile] adala_albahar
Contact information: [AIM] jipaltara [Plurk] Damua
Other characters: Day, Dunleavy Mallorough, Shion, Suzaku Kururugi, Kotaro Mochizuki
Do you need an invite code? nope
Do you want a buddy? Am I allowed one?


Name: Merlin
Age: 21
Subject taught: Introduction to the Healing Arts
Canon: Merlin
Canon point: End of Series 4


"Magic isn't just a part of me. It is me. It's who I am."

Even though Rakuen is a de-powered game it would be an incomplete Personality section Merlin's powers were left out of it. Because they make up such a huge part of his personality. He doesn't just have magic, he is magic. He could move objects with his mind before he could speak, it is part of him, a large part of him; part of his destiny.

Because of his magic he grew up knowing he was different, his magic was a secret he had to keep from everyone. Growing up only his mother and his best friend Will know about it and it isolated Merlin. He never quite fit in with the other villagers in Ealdor. Still despite this Merlin grew up into a happy, optimistic young man. He has a sense of adventure and takes things in his stride.

When Merlin was eighteen his mother sent him to an old friend of hers in Camelot, in the hope he could help and train him. However because of King Uther's war on magic Merlin had to continue to keep his powers a secret.

"You belong at Arthur's side. I've seen how much he needs you. How much you need him. You're like two sides of the same coin."

Easier said then done, for another thing that shapes Merlin is his destiny. Wrapped up in Arthur's destiny, to unite the Kingdoms and create Albion. To help Arthur become the great King that was prophesied.

Therefore Merlin has two sides, his public side as the bumbling, clumsy, not too bright servant of King Arthur. Gaius' errand boy. Friendly, likable, totally useless. Though his loyalty to Arthur is unwavering he is seen as not a threat, his loyalty confuses the likes of Morgana and others who wish Arthur harm, but no one connects Merlin to the fact their plans always fail.

But there is another side to Merlin. One only really seen by Gaius, and a smaller part by Lancelot. Though as the years go by this second side comes through in glimpses, seen by Guinevere and eventually Arthur. Underneath it all Merlin's loyalty to Arthur is burning and unwavering. Though some of his acts are unconscious, moving without thinking to save Arthur from danger; others are pre planned. Merlin takes his destiny very seriously and despite early confrontations has come to actually like Arthur.

Of course this doesn't mean that Merlin is the perfect servant, in fact he's probably the worst. He never does as he is told, he is cheeky, he seems to have taken it upon himself to make sure that Arthur's head doesn't get too big for his crown.

Nor does his loyalty extend only to Arthur. Merlin would happily die for any of his friends. He wishes to help them, keep them safe, make them happy. Even if in doing so he is breaking laws- more than just the illegal magic law. Often, especially in his early years in Camelot this leads to trouble, for himself and his friends. He slowly begins to learn the best way to handle things and though his habit of running into situations head first doesn't leave him completely he does manage to not get any friends thrown into jail or almost executed. Mostly.

Merlin tends to default to cheery in between times of trouble, though things do effect him and effect him badly at times he is able to recover. He makes friends easily, is generally friendly to all those who he meets. He tries to help others when he can.

When he was younger he struggled with the constant pressure of his destiny, never being noticed for what he did. However as he has gotten older he has managed to find a balance. He takes pride in his achievements and though he sometimes still wishes that Arthur could know the truth he understands why it isn't possible.

Merlin is trained in the sword, he will never be a warrior but he knows enough not to stab himself and to fend off enemies. He also has a working knowledge of herbs for healing, since he has worked with Gaius for so long.

In conclusion Merlin is a well intentioned sweet natured young man who just happens to be destined to be the greatest warlock the world has ever known.

Name: Emrys

Form: A large magic book

  • Light Element
  • Sacrificial Doll
  • Fire Element
  • Stop
  • Repel: A force from the weapon pushes everyone who is not it's wielder to a distance of five meters away.

Lost memories:
  • The names of everyone who sat around the round table.
  • That he hates the ceremonial Servants of Camelot uniform hat
  • That it was his attempt at saving Uther that killed him
  • How to tie shoelaces
  • Mordred; everything about him.
  • That flowers aren't edible
  • What the Fisher King said to him
  • That Kilgharrah is not the last dragon
  • Exactly what type of creature Freya was cursed to turn into
  • That he used magic to help Arthur pull the sword from the stone



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